The human brain between evolution and science-fiction 1- Science for science-fiction

Introduction I do a lot of research for my writing and because some topics fascinate me. I have a basis in science through formal education. Most of it got a little rusty over time, but it provides a decent foundation that helps me grasp scientific concepts. A science-fiction writer is not a scientist. They might […]

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Bleak or bright?

How do dystopias see our future? When I started writing in science fiction/dystopia, I think it was from a place of resentment against something in our human ways that wasn’t so human. Actually, when I wrote that first short story many moons ago, I wasn’t planning on creating a dystopia but I did. It was […]

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2018 reflections

I started book two of the Inline series (still a working title). I redid the whole thing because of some advice on outlining that caused me kind of ‘writing paralysis’. I couldn’t follow the outline or the world building and it felt like I was doubling my effort, because I had little actual writing done […]

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9 reasons why some people hate dystopias

Last week, I was listening to Books and Authors podcast and one of the co-hostesses mentioned 1984 by George Orwell. She was saying that she didn’t like dystopias but that Orwell’s 1984 was read, back in the day, as a literary fiction, which is true. Although the term ‘dystopia’ was coined by John Stuart Mill in 1868, it became vastly used only in the past few decades.

So why people don’t like dystopias?

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Inline, my dystopia

I love dystopias. I like reading them and love the ones in which the protagonist fights his/her way out of them. Margaret Atwood’s worlds had been my favorite for a long time. Her The year of the flood fascinated me. I rarely read a book twice, but I did with this one. I think what […]

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This blog, writing and life

I have had blogging on my mind ever since I had my first desktop, back in the day. Throughout the years, I have been an active blog reader on and off. My major blogging window now is WordPress. I had tried a couple of times to have a blog there but then I didn’t have […]

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